Micro Seal

Micro-surfacing is a dense graded slurry mix consisting of fine aggregate, cationic quick set emulsion, cement, water and a strength imparting robust polymer. It is applied in mats, ranging from 3/8 inch to 11/2 inch thickness, using specialized equipment.

With continued strain in provincial and municipal budgets, the various departments of transportation are transitioning from the traditional "wait for the road to degrade to the point of reconstruction" to one of preservation, where various techniques of surface treatments applied on a regular basis can extend the life of our roads significantly.  Here’s a simple model to highlight the typical lifecycle costs of your roads.



  • Ideal for rut filling, surface sealing and ride quality improvement.
  • Ideal for restoring proper surface profile and providing skid resistance surfaces.
  • Ideal for restoring high volume roads, highways, city streets, low volume roads, municipal roads, runway surfaces, etc.
  • Ideal for problematic areas where other materials fail to deliver.



  • Vast design and material selection based on existing road condition.
  • Specialized equipment is used to overlay the surface mat with our expert application group, Road Redi.
  • The “rehabilitated” road is made traffic worthy within an hour after placement of slurry mat.