Dust Suppressant

Gen-Dust™ General Dust Suppressant is water-based asphalt emulsion used for road priming and superior dust control.  Produced using a natural tree based material and solvent free asphalt binder which results in a long lasting dust control product that is non-hazardous and has low VOC emissions.

This product is ideal for sensitive areas such as near water ways, airports, and neighborhoods where exposure to traditional chloride based products is not acceptable. As well as being environmentally conscious Gen-Dust is non-corrosive, reduces maintenance costs on application equipment as well as the equipment travelling on the treated surfaces.

Gen-Dust™ requires minimal road preparation, penetrates the surface quickly, sets rapidly and produces minimal tracking. It can be diluted using ordinary water to suit the requirements of the existing surface. It will not wash away, is waterproof and helps build stability in the surface after multiple applications. Over time, subsequent usage and/or the application rate of Gen-Dust™ may be reduced.


  • Non hazardous and solvent free
  • Non corrosive
  • Increases road base stability
  • Better consistency and control over dust
  • Low phosphates as compared to other organics, minimizing water source impacts.



  • Road treatment, sprayed at various dilution rates to suit the needs of existing conditions.
  • Dust suppression begins almost immediately, allowing for minimal disruption to traffic
  • Can be applied to damp or pre-wetted roads or for lower concentration levels no pre-wetting is required.
  • No specialized equipment required: standard tanker with spray nozzles.