Chip Seal

A Low Cost Alternative to Conventional Paving

Ever increasing traffic, incessant freeze and thaw cycle, moisture susceptibility and pavement oxidation are the major cause for road degradation. The most economical and cost effective pavement preservation and restoration method available is the chip seal; the application of an asphalt emulsion or asphalt binder on an existing pavement surface followed by an aggregate of uniform size. The two most common varieties of chip seal applications are the single chip and double chip. We recommend using our specially blended polymer emulsion if the pavement surface is severely distressed.



  • Ideal for roads where the deterioration is greater than a slurry seal application could mend
  • Great for municipalities, city roads, rural roads and parking lots
  • Can be well suited for highways
  • Great solution for tight budgets



  • A careful study to evaluate the existing road condition for the right type of application.
  • Lab design to select the right emulsion, aggregate and chip seal system Surface preparation by patching and crack filling.
  • Spreading of asphalt emulsion by a computer controlled automated spraying machine.
  • Spreading of aggregate chips using a computer controlled spreader followed by rolling and sweeping.



  • An excellent cost effective and environmentally friendly way to preserve, protect and extend the pavement life and provide a new skid resistant wearing surface course.
  • Approximately one fourth of the cost of conventional hot mix asphalt overlay. 
  • Chip sealing rectifies existing cracks and prevents new cracks from forming. 
  • Provides an excellent water proof barrier that prevents water seepage into sub layers.
  • Polymer modified chip seal adds new dimension to surface treatment by providing improved resistance to rutting at high temperatures and improved flexibility at lower temperatures.