GLC Introduces the Area’s First Non-Amine Anti-Strip

General Liquids Canada, working closely with their partner K&D Pratt, have launched a new non-amine based antistrip for supply through their Asphalt Terminal in Waverly, Nova Scotia. This new antistrip stands to completely change the way Nova Scotia looks at chemical additive antistrip in the province.

With none of the negative health affects currently attributed to standard-use amine based products, Zydex Industries offers a genuine opportunity for the Maritimes to advance Occupational Health and Safety Initiatives in the field, at the plant and at the asphalt terminal.

Moreover, Nova Scotia Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal have added this product to their list of acceptable chemical antistrip products. Because it is based on non-amine chemistry, it is exempt from the requirements which apply to current products — including the need for implementation of the 2011 Action Plan for Use of Amine-based Liquid Anti-stripping Asphalt Additives on NSTIR Projects.

For more information on the benefits of this product please click here or contact GLC directly.