Our Facility

For the research and manufacturing of asphalt and asphalt-related products, GLC owns and operates one of the most advanced, fully automated, state of the art plants in Atlantic Canada. This 3,000 square foot facility enables us to deliver a wide range of innovative research and testing services. It is here where our expert technical team can break down and analyze virtually every characteristic of asphalt-based materials.

GLC’s facility is AASHTO accredited, and the laboratory consists of:

  • An aggregate testing unit, capable of full physical property testing including LA abrasion, sieve analysis, and Micro Deval
  • A hot mix unit, with a focus on mix design optimization and mix performance for Marshall and Superpave mixes
  • An asphalt binder testing unit - for full binder testing and PG grading
  • An emulsion testing unit - for development and testing of asphalt emulsions
  • Fifteen storage tanks (each with a capacity to hold 125,000 liters)
  • A colloid mill to produce the emulsion and a series of pipes and valves to manage the products
  • Production capacity for a complete array of products including cutback, anionic and cationic emulsions

Our facility also includes a fully functional storage terminal with remote tanks, rail capabilities, and a fleet of trucks to hold and transport materials to virtually any location.  As well, we offer automated billing, all-hours delivery, and time/vehicle tracking. This enables us to serve clients with maximum precision and flexibility.